Best place to buy Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Best place to buy Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

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17 november 2020 by Cieber
Bitcoin Mining Concept. 3D illustration


Binance is one of the biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange in the world. There are more then 500 trading pairs available.
The following trading options are available:

You can also use Savings on Binance. This allows you to earn money without trading. More on this
There is also a trading app Available for IOS and Android.
You can register here


Coinbase is one of the most popular and easy-to-use Cryptocurrency Exchange. But easy-to-use comes with a price. The bad thing about Coinbase is that the fees are really high.
You can use Coinbase via an App on IOS and Android or via the website


Bitvavo is a Dutch Cryptocurrency Exchange. You can trade with more than 50 different Cryptocurrencies on Bitvavo. Margin and futures trading is not possible. This is also not recommended as the chance of losing your bet is much higher than spot trading. If interested, you can register via this link. If registrered via the link, you don’t need to pay transaction fees for your first €1000,-.


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